Tv Mode

No longer to crank up the volume to watch TV

Talk Mode

Converse with ease in any environments

Listen Mode

Enjoy HD sound when chatting on phone

Relax Mode

Get away, relax, enjoy the sounds of nature

PAE300 can connect to all kinds of TVs, and provides clear and crisp sound, in full stereo within a 10 meters range with NO line-of-site requirements.

Leveraging advanced noise-suppression and feedback suppression technology, the PAE-300 makes it easy to understand speech when communicating in busy surroundings.

The PAE-300 delivers amplified, clear sound with reduced background noise, making it easier to chat on phone or listen to music.

Need to get away, relax, and enjoy the sounds of nature? The PAE-300 provides a mix of HD nature sounds that is perfect for relaxation, meditation, or sleep.


Neuro-Compensator® is a powerful hearing engine that leverages a computer learning algorithm to enforce an optimal electrical signal from the root of the auditory nerve to the brain.

Hearing Aids

Coming Soon

Personal Audio Enhancer

A multi-functional device features four unique sound modes – Watch Mode, Talk Mode, Listen Mode, and Relax Mode.