ABOUT VitaSound Audio

VitaSound Audio Inc is an audio-enhancement technology company which develops and brings to market advanced audio solutions that enhance the quality of life for the boomer generation. Utilizing leading-edge brain science, our patented Neuro-Compensator is a ‘best-in-class’ technology, which significantly improves the listening experience by improving the clarity, crispness and naturalness of sound.

VitaSound is bringing innovative technology based on brain science to the hearing market. The world’s first neural-based hearing technology, VitaSound’s patented Neuro-Compensator® takes the performance of hearing devices to an entirely new level. Electrical output from the auditory nerve is optimized by patented techniques that permit the auditory cortex of the brain to process sound more efficiently. Benefits highlighted by patients include clear and natural sound, dramatic improvements in timbre perception, sound localization, and speech intelligibility. Neuro-Compensator® based products include a full range of hearing aids as well as unique products like the PAE-300 Personal Audio Enhancer, a multi-function ALD that improves the listening experience of TV, phone, and music players.


We provide innovative individuals an exciting culture with excellent growth opportunities. Positions are constantly opening as we grow, and offer the candidate the ability to grow their skills and responsibilities in a pleasant and professional environment.
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