Understanding Neuro-Compensator®

Patented Neuro-Biological Hearing Technology

The Neuro-Compensator is a powerful hearing engine. It is a machine Machine-learning algorithm which minimizes error between healthy and damaged ear models, so as to enforce an optimal electrical output from the auditory nerve to the brain. Using a very complex machine learning algorithm, the auditory models are used to simulate how the auditory nerve of the patient responds to a given level of amplification across all frequency channels. In the resulting hearing aid, rather than calculating the gain separately within each frequency channel, the gain at various frequencies are dynamically calculated as a function of the entire spectral content of the signal. Compared to conventional hearing aids, a Neuro-Compensator-based hearing aid restores a much more natural sound for both speech and music, while sound perception in noise and sound localization are greatly enhanced.

Hearing Impaired, But Brain Smart

Hearing impairment is commonly caused by damage to the nerve pathway from the inner ear to the brain. Damaged auditory fibres are unable to transform the sound vibrations into electrical signals, inhibiting a normal hearing experience and making speech unintelligible and sound inaudible. However, despite the loss of/damage to hair cells (cilia), the processing in the brain that is capable of segregation, streaming, and decoding, is still able to function properly if the incoming electrical signals are parceled properly. The Neuro-Compensator® acts as a bridge in which to transfer the incoming electrical-audio signal from the outer ear to the auditory nerve. This approach attempts to restore near-normal firing patterns in the auditory nerve in spite of hair cell damage in the inner ear.

Why Neuro-Compensator

The advantage of the Neuro-Compensator approach is a significant improvement in the clarity of the amplified signal which is critical for hearing in all situations. Research is ongoing and has already suggested that the cleaner signal of the Neuro-Compensator improves the sound quality of speech and music, results in better directionality of sound, and may more effectively reduce some forms of tinnitus. The Vitasound NeuroCompensator is based on over ten years of research at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada and has been available in Canadian markets since 2010.

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