No longer do you need to crank up the volume to enjoy your favorite show!
For many who suffer from even mild hearing loss, watching TV in a group setting can be an uncomfortable experience. In these situations, it is almost impossible to choose a volume level that meets everybody’s preferences. By utilizing the PAE-300, users are able to listen to the TV at full-volume, without affective those around them…ensuring, everyone benefits from a comfortable listening experience.


Participating in the conversation has never been easier!
In a busy restaurant, a crowded street, or boisterous meeting, peopl with even mild-hearing loss, lots of background noise often makes it difficult to carry-on a conversation. The result of which is perpetually asking ‘what?’, or withdrawing from the conversation altogether. The PAE-300 blocks out background noise and enhances only the audio being projected to the user…providing a clear, crisp audio of only those that the user is in direct contact with.


Enjoy high-definition sound when chatting on the phone or listening to music.
The PAE-300 allows users to enjoy speech and music clearly and understandably when talking on the phone, or listening to music with an MP3 Player. Because the PAE-300 has been programmed to enhance speech frequencies and reduce surrounding noise, voices and music are more distinct and distinguishable, making them easer to understand.


Get away, relax, enjoy the sounds of nature.
In the busy world we live in, do you ever take a minute to just sit-back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature? The PAE-300 provides mix of high-quality nature sounds for relaxation or potential relief from tinnitus.

Why PAE-300

Traditional hearing aids cannot satisfy people with hearing impairment in many situations, and the multi-functional PAE 300 is made to complement it. Watching TV, conservation in noise environment, making a phone call, or relaxing with nature sound, those are the benefits that hearing aids cannot provide. Also, the transmitter of PAE-300 uses 2.4GHz with broadcasting, so it is able to support more than 10 PAE-300. In another word, the PAE-300 is not only made for personal use but also for group such as nursing centers or schools. In addition, there is variety of accessories to make the PAE 300 even better.

The PAE-300 boasts four distinct EQ modes, which are pre-programmed ‘hearing models’ which provide the ideal level of audio enhancement for the four most common (statistically) types of hearing impairments affecting people with early-stage hearing loss. Allowing users are able to choose the listening mode which best matches their hearing requirements.

Key Features

  • Neuro-Compensator
  • Four selectable Neural EQ Modes for different levels of audio enhancement
  • Digital noise reduction and feedback suppression
  • Full stereo sound
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Small, Lightweight and Durable.


Dimension: 110.20 mm x 60 mm x 19.10 mm
Weight: 94.6 gram
Batteries: Built in rechargeable lithium-ion, 2000 mAh
Operating time: 12 – 14 hours (fully charged, except in TV mode) / 6 – 8 hours (TV mode)
Charging time: 4 – 5 hours
Microphone: Built in microphone with the earphones.
Stereo audio source input: 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
Earphone socket: 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
Output signal frequency range: 200 -16,000 Hz
Neural EQ modes: 4 modes

Basic Operation

PAE-300 offers variety of cables that work with all type of TV. Simply connect the transmitter to TVs with an audio cable , and turn to TV mode on the handset. It is just simple just that.